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The Bell

Judy's Wedding Chapel

The Bell

Al's grandfather came from Germany in 1892 and brought with him a large brass bell. At the time, he placed the bell on top of his woodshed/smokehouse where it could signal for help if trouble arose, such as fire or injury. When Al's mother married, the bell was moved and placed on top of the wash house to assist with farming routines, such as signaling dinner time or special events. 

In 1992, the bell was given to Al. It was placed in the bell tower on top of the Chapel in 1997. On July 7, 1997 the Bell rang out for the first wedding performed in the Chapel. 

Judy's Team

Eric Meyer.JPG

Eric Meyer


Eric Meyer, Judy's Son, is the lead Photographer for most weddings hosted at Judy's Wedding Chapel. He also works the sound system and microphones when he's not the acting photographer.

Al Meyer


Al Meyer, Judy's Husband, builds all the gift shop products, built the Chapels and Gazebo, caretakes the Gardens, and builds the decor of the Chapels.

Judy Meyer

Planner/Operations Manager

Judy Meyer, Al's Wife, is the inspiration and dreamer of all that Judy's Wedding Chapel stands for. She plans and coordinates the weddings and events held at Judy's Wedding Chapel.


Kim 'Meyer' Fisk

Backup Coordinator

Kim 'Meyer' Fisk, Judy's Daughter, is the backup Coordinator for any weddings hosted at Judy's Wedding Chapel, so you can rest assured that nothing will stop us from giving you the perfect wedding!

We have a team of Pastors available if you need help finding one, you are welcome to bring you're own as well!

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